LTFP Laser Systems

The LTFP Laser System is the state-of-the-art flatbed laser integrating the latest technology in X, Y, and Z movement ensuring stability, quality, and accuracy with a user-friendly interface. Developed specifically for the high-end dieshop requiring the space savings, accuracy, and maximum level of output for up to three shifts per day. The LTFP offers over ten options, many of which are offered free of charge, providing any diemakers with a full range of efficiencies and productivity tools to meet any quality demands. 

The optical laser path is short and compact with just one deflection mirror (pressurized and liquid cooled), allowing the machine to achieve unprecedented accuracy and kerf control.

The magnetic linear drives on the X axis permit high acceleration on rapid axes displacement.

This model is equipped with a Coherent Rofin Sinar SLAB3 resonator which is a well-known and respected name in our industry. This unique software written in house by our own engineers incorporates options such as providing magnetic crash protection on the cutting head, nesting of multiple files for maximum production efficiency and a fully integrated post processor for importing files directly from your CAD system.

Whether your focus is on folding or corrugated boxes or displays, the LTFP is the best option available on the market. With multiple table size options as well as a wide variety of options, diemakers can build a fully customizable laser to meet all their intricate production requirements.



FOOTPRINT: Compact and efficient.

ELECTRICALLY DRIVEN BY THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY: Linear drives, process sensors, magnetic crash protection.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Wide array of add-on options available.

FAST & EASY INSTALLATION: Systems can be installed and ready to begin production in one day!

SOFTWARE:  Designed and integrated in-house.



40 m/min


4000 mm/sec2



 1000 (Rofin Sinar)  - 1500 (Rofin Sinar) 

2000 (Rofin Sinar) - 2500 (Rofin Sinar)

 3000 (Rofin Sinar)


1713 (1750x1350mm)

2015 (2200x1500mm)  

2515 (2550 x 1550 mm)


120 mm

Marble Surface



Smart ISO is a post-processing software designed in house and included with the machine at no additional cost, for transfer of CAD files to the machine’s interface software. The software was developed to support the etching, cutting, and milling operations, including the identification of macro graphics for optimizing the processes and procedures for the various laser machine functions depending on the options chosen.


A brand-new state -of-the-art add-on module of the Smart Manager 5, we refer to as “CPBOXNESTER.”  The Boxnester creates and nests multiple design layouts by merging multiple files into one file. This dramatically reduces the laser setup time while providing the operator the option of running the laser unattended during the production of multiple files, one after another.


SMART CAD is a simple and lightweight CAM software based on an AUTOCAD engine. This software is necessary to work with a capacitive display.


The Smart Composer software by Cutlite Penta is revolutionary. Smart Composer directly interfaces with the machine numerical control and with the front-end Smart manager software, allows for rapidly executing the following functions on the working table: which include previously created layouts, specific cutting paths, geometrical shapes (circles, slots, holes, polygons… ), Raster images or bitmaps, LGP acrylic panels.


The new generation software allows for fast piercing and cutting at various heights and thicknesses. Perfect for daily use on simple runs or specialty jobs with complex cutting scenarios. In addition to the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) dedicated to the laser cutting process, the Smart Manager 5.0 offers a variety of improvements and innovative solutions including preset algorithms aimed at simplifying the changeover time from wood to metal cutting dramatically speeding up the production efficiencies of the machine and the operator.



Milling unit equipped with automatic tool changer, with three to six tool positions, based on specific needs. This system also includes a metal screw detector for the location of screws that secure the die-board to the wood supports to avoid contact between the screws and the milling tool. Accuracy of the milling depth is also controlled by the integration of a footplate constantly monitoring the surface of the plywood. This feature ensures the correct positioning of the of the milling head by compensating for any material thickness differences across the sheet or shell.


Improves the accuracy of the movement of the axes in case of extreme cold or heat or other environmental temperature swings within the production facility. This system allows you to compensate for the potential of varying accuracy of the axes, always ensuring maximum accuracy in extreme conditions.


Galvo scanning laser head used to etch logos, job numbers, nick locations, etc., on the plywood surface. With a 500 x 500 mm etching area, this is the largest etching laser available on the market and is built in-house by Cutlite creating a seamless integration.



The CP-Load is the best friend of every die maker. This option incorporates a skating loading roller which ensures that the loading & unloading of the plywood sheets is effortless, precise and most of all safe.


This foot-plate system incorporates an electronic sensor that can detect any differences in thickness or deformation of the wood sheet or shell, thus preventing contact with the material being cut and avoiding a dramatic crash during operation


A digital camera system is installed an integrated with the front-end software to provide continuous remote production screening as well as an easier way of realizing a zero position easily and accurately.

testa-capacitiva (1).jpg



The CP Steel systems uses a self-focusing cutting head with a contactless capacitive sensor. The head itself and the focusing lenses can be used up to a pressure of 20 bar. The assisting gas is automatically selected from 3 different connectable gases: air, nitrogen and oxygen and their respective assisting pressures is determined automatically based on the cutting parameters and materials built into our proprietary algorithms. The head is fitted with a quick-change lens holder for fast focal changeover from wood to steel in a matter of minutes. A built-in contactless capacitive sensor, high pressure gas management, and this quick focal changeover are all easily accessible virtually eliminating operator error or excessive changeover time. Focal lengths can range from 5”-7.5” with maximum pressure of 20 bar, in addition to nozzle standoff management.



The option "CP-Clamps" has been designed to allow for fast & safe plywood positioning on the laser table. It easily accommodates a variety of different wood thicknesses with no manual securing required. Located on X and Y axes with multiple pneumatic clamps taking into consideration the most widely utilized plywood sheet sizes for folding carton and corrugated die layouts.


This foot-plate system incorporates an electronic sensor that can detect any differences in thickness or deformation of the wood sheet or shell, thus preventing contact with the material being cut and avoiding cutting depth variation across the wood.


Copper pins ensure a longer life of the support pins than the standard anodized aluminum pins, especially when cutting stainless and mild steel.


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