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OF Laser System

Like the LTFP, the OF 2515 model is equipped with the most sought after technology for die making lasers. With countless installations worldwide, the OF has quickly become one of Cutlite Penta’s most popular laser system models in the last decade. 

Cutting Table

The cutting table size is available in various formats and sizes, suitable for both folding carton and corrugated flat dies.

Technical Features

40 m/min

40 m/min


6000 mm/sec²


(DC010) 1000
(DC015) 1500
(DC020) 2000
(DC025) 2500
(DC030) 3000

Laser Power

2015 (2500 x 1500mm) 
3015 (3050 x1 550mm)

Working Area

120 mm

Z Axes

Built like a tank, for complex layouts

The OF is versatile, suitable to produce the most complex folding carton and corrugated board layouts no matter the size.

The cross-table technology consumes a bit more space than the LTFP but also guarantees a high level of accuracy, while the laser source rests beside the machine which makes for easy loading or heavier steel sheets and extremely large die boards.


Laser Sources

Lasers can be equipped with high efficiency laser source produced in-house with the highest quality and industry requirements in mind in the following wattages:

Software Solutions

Available on all Models

Smart Manager 6

Developed to fully exploit the potential of state-of-the-art cutting systems and ensure that all Cutlite Penta products achieve top performances. This interface improves the already remarkable simplicity and immediacy of operations during daily use. The newest version of this software is now even more intuitive and easier to manage. Some of the most recent innovations introduced by Smart Manager are:

  • Automatic acquisition of plate edges

  • Scheduling

  • Cutting Lost

  • Fast Piercing

  • Smart Focus

  • Auto Power Off

  • Raster Module





40 m/min

Digital CNC drivers.


driven by

the latest technology

Systems can be installed and ready to begin production in one day.

Fast & Easy


Designed in-house.



OF Original.jpg

Tailor your machine to fit your needs

With over ten different options, many of which are offered free of charge, the OF Laser system provides die makers with a full range of efficiencies and tools to meet all quality demands! Cutlite Penta gives you what you need as standard while others charge for similar options.

Customize Your Laser


Copper Pins

  • Solid Copper Pins for an extended lifespan when cutting metal

  • Stable and non-reflective

LTFP 4.jpg

CP Eye (Camera)

  • SDigital camera system installed with a front-end software

  • Continuous production screening, even remotely

  • Easier zero positioning


CP Scan (Galvo head)

CP Scan, or the Galvo head, is utilize for marking of logos and text on plywood and paper.

  • Size 500x500 mm (largest in the market)

  • Easy to use 

  • Extremely accurate

  • Software developed in-house by the engineers at Cutlite Penta


CP Steel Plus

A brand-new CUTLITE PENTA design, based on 30 years experience on metal cutting, CP STEEL PLUS is a revolutionary capacitive head that, in combination with special features integrated with our software SMART MANAGER 6, allow for a quick change over from plywood to metal and viceversa with no-lens-changeover and no manual adjustment; the whole process is driven in background by our proprietary software. This new improved system also adds a unique system of magnetic break-away for plywood cutting, keeping intact the cutting head and the down-holder in case of crashes or collision while a second integrated optical sensor also works in order to avoid collision when cutting metal.


CP Nozzle

Completely built in-house, our standard cutting head is fully integrated with our digital technology and it’s featured with  unique double collar magnets for a safe and quick break-away system in case of collisions and crashes eliminating risk for inadvertent crashes. Furthermore, the down-holder has a unique design which works in combination with the complex algorithms embedded in our software, SMART MANAGER 6, with an automatic board unevenness compensation

RF 155 PNG_edited.jpg

Laser Sources

The development of RF class resonators produced by our parent company EL.EN, has resulted in more than 100 installations worldwide. Due to the drastically reduced footprint of the resonator itself, the unique small and cost effective gas canister, and the proven radiofrequency based technology makes this laser source ideal for stable and constant die making kerf cutting.


Are you interested in this laser machine?

Our team of experts is ready to help you and show the most suitable solution for your needs

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