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OFR Laser System

The laser machine for a full range of rotary die cutting making requirements, meeting all needs of the modern rotary die shop.

The OFR is equipped with our proprietary digital technology and a wide range of options producing a machine with unmatched speed and accuracy all driven by a user-friendly interface allowing you to produce more dies per shift as your business grows.

Working area

Cut rotary dies up to 3,000 mm in length, with a diameter ranging from 177 mm up to 808 mm.

Technical Features

6000 mm/min

40 m/min


Circa 2000 mm/sec²


(DC020) 2000
(DC025) 2500
(DC030) 3000
(DC035) 3500

Laser Power

3080 mm

Working Area

Unmatched speed and accuracy all driven by a user friendly interface

This unique software written in house by our own engineers incorporates options such as providing magnetic crash protection on the cutting head, nesting of multiple files for maximum production efficiency and a fully integrated post processor for importing files directly from your CAD system.

OFR 3.png

Laser Sources

Lasers can be equipped with high efficiency Coherent Rofin Sinar SLAB3 high efficiency resonator source produced in-house with the highest quality and industry requirements in mind in the following wattages:

Software Solutions

Available on all Models

Smart Manager 6

Developed to fully exploit the potential of state-of-the-art cutting systems and ensure that all Cutlite Penta products achieve top performances. This interface improves the already remarkable simplicity and immediacy of operations during daily use. The newest version of this software is now even more intuitive and easier to manage. Some of the most recent innovations introduced by Smart Manager are:

  • Automatic acquisition of plate edges

  • Scheduling

  • Cutting Lost

  • Fast Piercing

  • Smart Focus

  • Auto Power Off

  • Raster Module



From 177 up to 808 mm & 3080 mm length.


40 m/min

Linear drives, process sensors, magnetic crash protection.

Electrically driven by the latest technology

Tailor your machine to fit your needs


Systems can be installed and ready to begin production in one day.

Fast & Easy


 Linear drives, process sensors, magnetic crash protection.




Ready for the next run in minutes

An additional option on the OFR Laser System is the CP Rotup Plus. This rotary off-line mounting system allows the operator to prepare the next rotary shell easily and quickly for the next production run. 

Customize Your Laser

Copper Pins

  • Solid Copper Pins for an extended lifespan when cutting metal

  • Stable and non-reflective


CP Eye (Camera)

  • SDigital camera system installed with a front-end software

  • Continuous production screening, even remotely

  • Easier zero positioning

LTFP 4.jpg

Laser Sources

  • The cutting power ranges from 1000 W to 2500 W with the use of Slab Rofin Sinar sourcesAt its own 3rd Generation SLAB laser, COHERENT offers great advantages in terms of beam stability 

Screen Shot 2022-11-26 at 10.36.04 AM.png

CP Scan (Galvo head)

Utilize for marking of logos and text on plywood and paper.

  • Size 500x500 mm (largest in the market)

  • Easy to use 

  • Extremely accurate

  • Software developed in-house by the engineers at Cutlite Penta


CP Mill

  • High Frequency Spindlength sensor 

  • Additional shell surface sensor

  • Z Axis digitally controlled

  • 6 Bit Changer (Posilock, Evol-Dies, Washers, Serrapid, Pocketing)

  • Integrated bit Len


CP Nozzle

  • Completely built in-house, our standard cutting head is fully integrated with our digital technology

  • Featured with  unique double collar magnets for a safe and quick break-away system in case of collisions and crashes eliminating risk for inadvertent crashes.

  • Down-holder has a unique design which works in combination with the complex algorithms embedded in our software, SMART MANAGER 6

  • Automatic board unevenness compensation


CP Code

  • Easy-to-use front-end software

  • Simple editing of QR codes

  • Accurate codes engraving

  • Note: CP SCAN must be used in conjunction with this option.


CP Grease

  • Automatic system for Rails Lubrication

  • No Maintenance or Pitstop required for planned lubrication;

  • Easy-to-use tank check up and refilling

CP Grease 3.jpg

CP Load Plus

  • Straight-forward board loading with pop-up skating rollers

  • Easy and fast board allocation on the cutting bed


CP Clamp

  • Pneumatic system

  • Superior board holding

  • User friendly

  • Simple to remove or change


CP Glass

  • Linear Scale Glass

  • Superior accuracy on axis displacement (XYZ)

  • Immediate on-screen reading positioning


CP Feed

  • Automatic Feeding Process

  • Fast & Efficient

  • Reduction of Downtime in loading and unloading boards;

  • "Dual-Level" Board Feeding


CP Cam

  • Superb active nesting system.

  • Digital Camera system for nesting calculations

  • Drastic plywood wastage reduction.


CP Dust

  • Innovative cutting bed cleaning solution for scraps

  • Only from Cutlite Penta 

  • Easy access to waste pieces

CP Dust 1.jpg

CP Push

  • Easy clamping of “dove-tail” boards

  • Ideal for large corrugated die board

  • Easy and reliable


CP Steel Plus

A brand-new CUTLITE PENTA design, based on 30 years experience on metal cutting, CP STEEL PLUS is a revolutionary capacitive head that, in combination with special features integrated with our software SMART MANAGER 6, allow for a quick change over from plywood to metal and viceversa with no-lens-changeover and no manual adjustment; the whole process is driven in background by our proprietary software. This new improved system also adds a unique system of magnetic break-away for plywood cutting, keeping intact the cutting head and the down-holder in case of crashes or collision while a second integrated optical sensor also works in order to avoid collision when cutting metal.


CP Rotup Plus

  • Make-Ready “offline” device for quick and safe screwing of rotary shells on the disc supports

  • Integrated laser pointer to identify the location of the screwing points on the shells with ease and accuracy 

  • On-board swiveling system to spin the shell for a faster screwing process, avoiding wasted times during the set-up

  • Same clamping system as on the laser itself



  • Digital Sensor for detection of the metal screws on the shell, avoiding crashes/collisions during the milling process

  • Integrated on Z axis for a superior accuracy

  • Automatic process thanks to a dedicated algorithm


Are you interested in this laser machine?

Our team of experts is ready to help you and show the most suitable solution for your needs

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